annamo ar mare

It's been about 2 years living abroad..Must admit that sometimes I really miss Italy.
Painting this was nostalgic but fun and relaxing, and on top of all, learned a lot from it.
I need to thank some buddies who gave me good advise :)


freakyfir said...

teach me susini!!!!

Сергей Логинов said...

wow! :))

Thomas Azzarini said...

incredibile, da questo blog si capisce il livello di dedizione e passione che hai, congratulazioni!

posso chiederti quanto ti ci è voluto per arrivare dove sei ora? e quanto è stata fondamentale l'esperienza formativa alla FZD?

in bocca al lupo!

010 said...

Grande!La tua ironia ,insieme al tuo talento e la tua passione ti porteranno lontano.

Anonymous said...

the painting is really nice!

Le Vavour said...

superb picture ,I am stunned as a viewer ,and jealous and inspired as an artist .

kyoush said...

Awesome piece Andrea!!..
Love the watercolor and Tintin-esque feel
(ignore the Tintin-esque part if you dont like Tintin)

Helena said...

Absolutely in love with this, makes me want to jump inside the painting and explore everything. :)

pavka said...


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