insect sketches

drawn using drawthrough and perspective


Shad3R said...

Hi, Andrea! I'm a student from Product Design course in British Higher School of Art and Design and I'd like to ask you about perspective drawing.

We have a great design studies but almost haven't any drawing lessons. Which exact excersises did you do in FZD school to achieve what I can see on these images?

Sorry for my English, I'm russian)

Andrea Susini said...

we use a technique called drawthrough.. allows to draw everything, from vehicles to characters.. really useful!
here's a guide i found around the web: http://psd.tutsplus.com/tutorials/drawing/perspective-basics-a-draw-through-technique-with-a-spaceship-basix/
hope it helps.

Shad3R said...
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Shad3R said...

Thank you, but I have known this method for years and I still have problems with drawing objects more complex than this - http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2010/145/c/7/Fire_Support_Drone_by_Shad3R.jpg

I know "practice and practice" but I noticed that your level of drawing have grown higher than mine for about 6 weeks. So, I expected to hear secrets or something :D

You don't have to search for tutorials for me, sorry for disturbing)

Andrea Susini said...

uhm i think there is no secret :P
as u said, the 'practice practice' thing always applies.. it's the only way to get speed and confidence (best doing it traditionally)

to achieve a certain level of detail, always start from the overall shape, then decide if it's worth to bring it to a higher level. ah also must give a precise perspective to the major forms, then it becomes more easy to eyeball minor details, that will still have a correct perspective.

ah other important thing, study a lot from existing stuff (nature and human made) this will give you detailing knowledge and originality to your works.


Shad3R said...

Thanks alot for the reply)

Bernard M said...

Hello Andera, how did you go about when you drew the insects, did you view alot of photos first and try to figure out the the size of the major shapes by eyeball then draw the major shapes in perspective and eyeball all the details?

Also, it would be cool to see a step by step tutorial for drawing insects, most robot designs are based on humans or insects so it would be very helpful.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

hi, i am familiar with drawthrough, but i have a hard time locating the legs in space. any tips?

Anonymous said...

also, are there any tricks for laying in your original perspective grid? do you actually figure it out or just wing it? do you use a template?
thanks and great work.

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