Cancri Tank

This is my entry for the CGHUB Creature Planet's contest. The goal is to design a short and wide 6 limbed creature, which developed in an extremely hot planet (55Cancri E) made up of diamond and graphite, and must be resistant and slow and energy preserving.

This Cancri Tank is very slow and bulky (a mix between an elephant and a turtle), made of a very resistant material (still unidentified, has both mineral and organic properties), embedded with crystal growth on the exoskeleton. It feeds itself in a particular way: the tentacles excrete some kind of sulfus-like material that melts because of high temperature, and will become a sticky and acid mucus that erode nutritional substances from the rocks and soil. Also keeps some types of predators away. He's blind but can navigate thanks to the sensorial antennae on his tentacles, which work like a sonar.

I attach also a little 'progress thing', someone might be interested :)

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Thomas Azzarini said...

Eccezionale, sia il design che la realizzazione.
Qualche consiglio per un povero cristo che sta cercando di imparare?

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