the sorcerer's keep


wsl said...

Man that's so good. FZD school oh god i envy you so much you can imagine that. Good luck for the future man.

Isabella said...

Hey Andrea, do you do these drawing directly in PS? Or is it done in pencil then cleaned up in on the computer? How do you get that great line-weight variation and the really clean look? I've been trying to figure this out for ages... :))

Andrea Susini said...

hello Isabella,
yes, these are all done in PS, and I built a quick sketchUp model to save time for plotting perspective.
Regarding the linework, i generally do a first rough pass to figure out the design, then lower opacity and on another layer do the final thing. For line-weight I rely on pressure sensitivity, so I don't need to change the brush size...but I guess this is personal preference :P

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