concept ship

thanks to Concept Ships for publishing! 


HavoccDesign said...

Hey susini, Really great vehicle! top notch quality! I see you are attending FZD! I am too! Even though Im not in singapore yet haha. I got accepted for the February 2012 Batch :)

Congratulations with your work being put on ConceptShips blogspot! That is insane!

How much expereince in the industry do you got and how well could you already draw/paint before getting into FZDs?


Andrea Susini said...

Hi Hav0cc,
thank you!
good to know u will join FZD, it's gonna be a great time for you,
hard working but worth it!

regarding your question, before coming here i studied product design, and for drawing and painting i'm self taught... you can see my previous experiments (digital) in the posts before the one called 'fzd' on this blog..


HavoccDesign said...

Yeah, I've been told, and Im preparing for it! mentally haha. But deffo worth it indeed.

Ah that's cool, Im following a study in Game-design, but it doesn't do my painting skills much good. not much time for it. (most is 3D.)

I've taken a look, and the rendering on those things were already very good! nonetheless you've improved a lot since FZD.

I hope to be reaching such skill as you are doing now at FZD.

Thanks for your answer!

Cheers man!

Christian Kern said...

Hey really really nice concept design . I like it very much . That screams for 3D . I would like to model that in 3D if its allowed ... :)

Andrea Susini said...

hello! of course it's allowed :)
i can make more drawings for the other views, if needed.
anyway let's talk privately, check your mailbox..

Ilenia Gennari said...


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